Local Stewartship Coordinator

Local Stewartship Coordinator: Robert Mountain

The following objectives may be achieved:
• Research for all MTTC member bands, as required on traditional use information related to salmon aquaculture sites in MTTC territory
• Coordinating members with boats to monitor the farm areas, as necessary;
• Communicating and collaborating with environmental groups in MTTC territory;
• Acting as MTTC liaison for sea lice monitoring initiatives of government and industry
• Communicating with MTTC legal counsel regarding salmon aquaculture consultations between MTTC member Nations and government;
• Participation in public hearing opportunities, including the Cohen Commission • Maintaining detailed records on all salmon farm sites and referrals from government;
• Liaise with DFO regarding environmental assessments for salmon farm sites in MTTC territory
• Staying abreast of science developments and communicating to the MTTC Board of Directors
Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council